Sunday, August 24, 2014

The other side

It gets scary when you pass the 5s on your birthday because you are now getting to the larger side of the decade.. so 56 it is which means galloping towards 60.. and here I am trapped in this 20s head!! ha ha. 2015 will be my matric 1975 40th reunion so all of my past school buddies will know what I mean.. I was one of the youngest in the class at 16, turning 17 on the 24th August 1975, so most of them are already 56!!

I woke up to a beautiful Durban Skyye again.. the view from the bedroom (see below) and some useful spoils... I actually make up a birthday list of the things I need ha ha. The circular saw I have always wanted.. my grandfather was a carpenter and I used to spend many hours in his workshop with the biggest and best saw tables, drill presses, planes, chisels, clamps and tools making all sorts of things from go-carts, to school house play sets. I don't have much to saw right now, but I will find something to make and have always wanted a saw to complete my toolset; a trusty parker pen.. I lose about 4 a year, so they are welcome and I can't also believe how they have doubled in price twice in the last short while, so will try and be more careful. The stop-watch I need for my pilot students so they can be timed doing rate-1 (360 deg in 2 minutes) or rate-2 turns (360 deg in 1 minute) and for those who know my margaritas are famous, a margarita glass salt rimmer and new cocktail shaker!!

I missed my kids though, but will be seeing them both in a week when Mark and I meet up in Dubai and continue to Busan where we will stay with Kate a few days. Thanks for the wishes from afar, brats and to the beautiful video from Kate in Nepal.

Dave, Llewellyn, Mom and South Korea flag in the background

My mom hasn't lost here touch with a yummy birthday cake - 1 today!
Kate improvised and sent a birthday video from Nepal. Click here for short YouTube video clip.

I was spoiled rotten, and also a new mini-toolbox for my car so that I have some basic tools on hand at the airfield for my plane.

I treated my car to a valet whilst I sat and thanked my text wellwishers. Wow, can you believe with cellphones and Facebook that one can get so many good wishes. Thanks to one and all for taking the trouble to wish me. I had a fabulous day, was spoiled rotten and preferred to cook at home than go out for Sunday lunch.

Best cake!

I made a roast pork, with yummy sweetcorn fritters, my mom hasn't made in years.. thanks mom!

Even Carte Blanche remembered my birth date ha ha

Durban Skyye and Stadium from my bedroom on my birthday wake-up

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