Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bratwinks doing things

My brats are doing their things aound the world - MC in Stellenbosch and Kate in Busan, South Korea. Here's some recent pics..

Kate and Ed hiking on Jeju island off South Korea (today)

Kate doing what she does best

Friend Kate and Lisa and Mark also hiking, but in the Western cape

Mates in South Korea - with Nadia MooreKristen Den OtterCaroline Jooyoung ParkLeoni TaljardKate-Lynn Mc Naught,Aamena MahomedSusie Da Camara and Tarryn Rutherfoord.

We did it again!.. Kate on top of the world with Chelsea and Leoni
Ed, visiting from South Africa - with Kate and Leoni at my bridge - Gwangali beach with Gwangam Bridge backdrop
Ed having an amazing time in Busan visiting Kate

10 years

Stunning evening with Matt and Liesl and their family and friends to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in style. Congrats you two.

Llewellyn and I, flanked by Llew's sister Liesl and Matt. It was a black and white themed dinner with professional phtographer, chef and team of event specialists to make it an inspiring occasion with to die-for food
In the meantime I have made application for a marriage licence to get married in New Zealand on the 1st December 2014 - our 10th anniversary. What a simple process dealing with an efficient foreign government. Going to be pretty exciting getting married on the beach in the Bay of Islands, and enjoying our honeymoon rolled into one.

Teaching them to fly

I keep a separate aviation blog for my time in the air, but taking on my first students and teaching them to fly is memorable enough to put on my general blog as well, so here are the first of my guinea pigs.. ha ha.. Thanks for putting your confidence in me guys..

Bob (right) in the pilot seat with flight instructor Dave

Theuns (right) on his first lesson in the air with Dave

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Win a flight in our Sling airplane

PropCare have recently launched their mobile app which enables you to find a property specialist in your area.. from plumbers, electricians and maintenance guys to conveyancing attorneys and real estate agents. Durban Skyye Flight School and Mc Naught and Company Durban Attorneys have teamed up with PropCare to offer this competition prize of a flight over Durban in our Sling Aircraft. To enter, click on the link to their webpage here and follow the instructions.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beautiful Durban View

Although I keep a separate blog and record of my time as a pilot, this family and activities blog Durban View would not be complete without some of the magnificent photos I have been able to take of the view of Durban from the sky. Here are a few I took this weekend. You can see more on my aviation blog Do Eagles Dare.

My City Council Ward Fynnland (1988 - 1996) took in this portion of the Bluff from the harbour to Beacon Road and included Kingsrest and Marlborough Park to the left of the Bluff before the harbour in this photo

The military base still occupies the end of the Bluff 

I did a night flight on Friday and the sparkling lights of Durban were incredible. The huge bank of light to the left upper side of the photo is the night horseracing event at Greyville Racecourse, and the upper middle the lights of Kings Park Rugby Stadium where the Sharks were beating the Lions (26-23)

10th Anniversay for Matt and Liesl

It's not often one gets to dress up these days, so Llew's sister Liesl and Matt's 10th wedding anniversary celebration was a rare oppportunity and what a spectacular evening. It was held at their home in Durban with a Chef and her team arriving the prepare the table and food and serve the meal and drinks in style. The theme was black and white and the guests and table all looked splendid and the food was top-notch. Well done and congratulations guys. May the next 10 years be just as memorable and happy.

Hiking in South Korea

My daughter is excellent keeping us up-to-date with her adventures in South Korea. It was a long weekend this weekend and she and some of her mates took advantage with a hiking tour not too far from Busan where she is living. Here are some pics she sent..

The girls go hiking in Naejangsan, South Korea

Kate is on top of the world

We came from down there..

Chido, Leoni and Chelsea

Stunning view down - Korea is truly beautiful

I spy with my little eye..

Selfie with Chido, Leoni, Chelsea, and Kate 

That was a bit exhausting