Thursday, August 7, 2014

Earthquake 5.5 Richter scale rocks us

The strange thing is the night before South Africa's earthquake I dreamed we had an earthquake and that the house I was in turned upside down. Here's the text of an sms I sent in the morning before the earthquake.. "Just woke up after a weird dream that we had an earthquake and the house turned upside down. I really thought it was real so I took some awesome pics showing the sky and the next door houses and this one with the roof on the grass". Isn't that crazy!

I was at The Airplane Factory in Johannesburg and the whole hangar building and office was rumbling and shaking. Very weird feeling and it took a while to realise what it was as I have never experienced a quake or tremor of that magnitude before.
The tremors were measured as far afield as Mozambique

The epicentre of the small quake was at Orkney in Northwest Province

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