Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yay !!

Yay, it's raining and my grass is growing. We did a revamp of the front garden recently raising the ground level after it was slowing eroding and sloping away. I planted some new grass and today we are having our first storm and the welcome rain is lashing down now.

Yay, I will be seeing my son and daughter in the next two weeks. Kate-Lynn is presently in Nepal on a hiking trip, but will be returning to Busan in South Korea where my son, flying in from Cape Town, will be going to visit her with me.

We are stopping off in Shanghai, via Dubai, first and will spend an action-packed 2 days seeing the lights of Shanghai before meeting up with Kate.

Prayer flags on the buildings in Nepal where Kate is touring

Kate's hostel/guesthouse in Nepal

Kate on her hike in Nepal
Yay, I passed my flight test today for my National Flight Instructor Rating so will now be able to train my own pilots at the flight school I started with my aviation partner Brad, operating from Virginia Airport in Durban. We handle fixed wing and microlight pilot training. Check our Flight School website here -

Airline Pilot Johnny (right) takes Dave for his Instructor's Flight Test

Dave's plane, a Sling ZU-ZDL

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