Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flying tour to Botswana and Vic Falls

We have returned from an incredible tour in our plane to Botswana and Victoria Falls leading the Sling Africa Tour 2014 supported by The Airplane Factory, manufacturers of our Sling aircraft.

Victoria Falls in full flow.. something like 500 million litres per minute

James (left) Director of The Airplane Factory with me and Dr David Livingstone

The bridge over the Zambezi between Zambia and Zimbabwe

The view of the bridge and the spray from the Falls from the Victoria Falls Hotel

Dave and Llewellyn at the Victoria Falls Hotel

We crossed the bridge to Zambia and visited the Royal Livingstone Hotel where we visited the top of the Falls and were treated to a scrumptious colonial lunch under a tent on Livingstone Island at the edge of the Falls

Mates Marc and Lee with us in the boat to Livingstone Island

What more can I say

The spot where David Livingston first viewed the Falls

Swimming in the Zambezi at the edge

You can see the full set of pics on my Flying blog - click on the link here.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Durban Rocks!

And just in case you thought I was showing bias in favour of any overseas city, here's a lovely pic of Durban beachfront.. and a link to my favourite Facebook group on Durban.

 There are few cities in the world that have what I am looking for and Durban definitely rates right up there.. perhaps one of the more compelling reasons I haven't wondered off in the world. The beach and ocean.. I don't think I could ever live in a city without one. The next best reason to live or visit is the relaxed lifestyle and absence of any real traffic. Just a day-visit to Johannesburg puts me clean off.. I have better things to do with my life than sit in traffic. In Durban you can criss-cross the city in 10 minutes.. beat that!

Kate gets her Honours degree in Special Needs Education

Kate-Lynn is in Busan, South Korea on the south east coast - a city that appears from the photo to be positioned a little like Durban... a mountainside (our Berea) looking down at the seaside city with the Bluff on the other side of the bay.. we're still waiting for our bridge across the bay though!!

Tarryn and Kate in Korea
Congratulations to Kate-Lynn (right) and her friend Tarryn who both achieved their Honours degree in Special Needs Education with distinctions. Wow, incredible hard work and well-deserved.

They both lectured at Embury Institute, a college of Education in Durban, where they got their B.Ed degrees two years ago and have just resigned to take a "gap" year teaching English in Korea.

Here's a YouTube video clip that gives a great idea of what the city looks like. And here's the Jangsang Mountain on the outskirts of the city.

There's also a fabulous beach in Haeundae where Kate is based, although it seems it can get pretty crowded when the weather is good.

Haeundae Beach - they have "cars" on the beach?