Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kitesurfing today

Kitesurfing is a lot like flying aeroplanes.. the kite is similar to an aircraft wing with a pumped leading edge to direct the flow of air and generate lift, which, if positioned correctly in the sky, translates into pulling you through the surf on the kiteboard.

I haven't taken my kite out for about 5 years now, mainly because I get hectic backache after a day on the beach after my back injury 20 years ago, not to mention getting roasted by the sun, particularly as you generally have your face to the sky/sun watching the kite.

However I have mates keen on kitesurfing so we took it out of the mothballs and fumbled our way to getting it back together and up in the sky at kitesurfing beach in Durban today. It was a load of fun and my back did get quite roasted.

My gym buddy and I were discussing which muscles would do the work pumping up the kite... I thought his muscles would be better ha ha.

Dylan gets the kite up for the first time

Dain getting in some practice getting dragged and leaping over the beach

Selfie time

Dain giving Dylan some guidance as they take to the surf getting a hang of flying the kite into and out of the wind

Dain and Kirsty

After action drinks time in our guesthouse pub

Meawhile in South Korea..

Kate-Lynn and Chris also enjoyed some beach time today, at Gwangali Beach, Busan, South Korea, where the winter is coming to an end and the temperatures are heating up for spring.

Chris and Kate on Gwangali beach with the  famous bridge in the background
Looks like they had after-action pub grub at Sharky's too while our own Sharkys were playing the Chiefs at Kings Park Stadium in Durban.

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