Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kids galavanting

My kids are all over the show, Kate in Busan, South Korea and taking time out to ski in the central Korean mountains, while Mark is in Haifa presenting an academic paper at an international engineering conference, and visiting Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.. wow!!

Kate at the High 1 Ski Resort, Jijang Mountain Peak, South Korea

Chris, an expert skier from his USA hometown experience teaches Kate on the slopes

Snow bears

Chris and Kate on the chair lift

Mark visits St Marks Church, Jerusalem this week

On the streets of Jerusalem

Mark lights a candle

Temperatures were warm enough for swimming

The rocky view to the Dead Sea from the Israeli side

Mark afloat on the Dead Sea.. your body just wont go down!

You haven't completed the Dead Sea experience without being covered in mud, said to be good for your skin

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