Monday, March 22, 2010

Environmental initiative for 2010 World Cup

A number of initiatives have been launched to address 2010-related environmental concerns.
Many of the world’s top players, including Portugal’s Christiano Ronaldo will be wearing shirts made of plastic bottles at the World Cup. Nike has confirmed that shirts for the nine national teams it sponsors would be made from polyester recycled from used bottles retrieved from Japanese and Taiwanese landfill sites. The sports gear giant says they will keep players cooler and drier while reducing energy consumption in manufacture by 30%, compared with normal polyester.
Meanwhile, more than 1200 rubbish bins with a soccer theme are being placed around SA’s main airports as part of a recycling project to promote the World Cup’s Green Goal campaign. The bins, in the colours of the national flag (with lids resembling soccer balls), will help people separate their waste and facilitate recycling. The aim is to eventually have 100 000 of these bins throughout the country the next two years.
Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban have also planted thousands of trees to capture the carbon dioxide blamed for global warming. And FIFA will soon be able to buy green electricity, produced by the Darling Wind Farm in the Western Cape for the World Cup.
In other developments, SA’s electric car, the Joule, is in production in Port Elizabeth for use during the World Cup.

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