Monday, February 24, 2014

Kids all having fun

It was a week of fun for the kids, capturing incredible moments in divers parts of the world..

Mark and Lisa in Cape Town

Kate-Lynn contemplating her breakfast in Korea

Kate (right) and her friend Tarryn trying out some TaeKwando in Korea and it looks like they're breaking their New Year Resolutions!

Calvin has his first flight with me in ZDL

Kate-Lynn's sunset in Korea

My sunrise at Virginia Airport on Saturday

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Finding her feet

Here's the first pics and news from Kate in South Korea...

Tasty looking Korean wraps

Kate with new and some old friends in Seoul

Streets of Seoul where Kate has landed

Making friends with the Koreans

-3 is a bit chilly by Durban standards

Kate-Lynn is finding her feet in Seoul a few days ahead of her English teaching orientation course, and has met up with some mates, Chris, as well as long-time family friend Carl Jones (wow, small world!) and sampling the foods and local flavours in a cold environment - needing to buy some new woolies!! Here's a link to Kate's Facebook vid of her first foray into Seoul.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kate off to South Korea

My daughter Kate-Lynn is off to an adventure of a life-time as she packed her bags and departed yesterday for Seoul and Busan in South Korea for a year. She resigned from her 2-year lecturing post at Embury College of Education in Durban and will be teaching English to South Korean kids in the coastal city of Busan for the next 12 months. Busan is the second largest city in South Korea situated to the south-east of the country and not far over the sea from Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the Japanese cities that took the atom bombs that ended the 2nd World War.

I have always wanted to venture and stay in another land and Kate-Lynn will be living my dream for a year, although by all counts it looks like a hard-working commitment in a freezing winter climate in a foreign language. But it will be an experience that will stand her in good stead for the rest of her life. Go Kate Go!!  

It was a tight squeeze dumping clothes and cosmetics to get the baggage weight down

Kate checks in to Cathay Pacific in Johannesburg, touching down in Hong Kong, then on to Seoul, South Korea. Hong Kong is 6 hours ahead and Seoul 7 hours ahead in time to South Africa. This means she travelled while we slept and has now landed in Seoul with a whole afternoon still ahead of her. Exhausting flying west to east through different time zones.

South Korea is a country peninsular between China and Japan and flanked by the East China Sea and the Sea of Japan. Hopefully she will get to see Shanghai as well as Nagasaki both incredible places steeped in history.

Busan is a seaside city on the south-east coast and she will have at least 2 friends in the same city, although it's the second largest city in South Korea and they may be on the opposite ends.
South Korea flag

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Helter skelter

It's been a helter skelter week as my daughter prepares to leave for a year in South Korea. Lots of party with her friends, making space in the garage to keep her car for the year, and I have also been busy with preparations for the opening of my flight school, Durban Skyye as soon as approval from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) can be obtained.

Kate (right) and friends from our recent boat trip Ed, Ross and Dre'

Dain savage and Kate with us at Jack Salmon Fish House - our favourite eating place right now

The garage took some clearing to make way for Kate's car for the year

It's me getting into painting mode for our kiosk office for the flight school at Virginia Airport

My son Mark was pretty excited when his Drifter skateboard arrived - MC is going to be promoting the board in Stellenbosch on campus.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy 22nd Birthday Mark

Happy 22nd Birthday to my son Mark in Stellenbosch for his engineering Master's degree. Back home here in Durban we lit a lantern for his birthday and watched it float up into the night sky. Here's the short YouTube video clip.
Up up and away.. check the vid

Ed and Kate get the lantern afloat