Saturday, February 8, 2014

Helter skelter

It's been a helter skelter week as my daughter prepares to leave for a year in South Korea. Lots of party with her friends, making space in the garage to keep her car for the year, and I have also been busy with preparations for the opening of my flight school, Durban Skyye as soon as approval from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) can be obtained.

Kate (right) and friends from our recent boat trip Ed, Ross and Dre'

Dain savage and Kate with us at Jack Salmon Fish House - our favourite eating place right now

The garage took some clearing to make way for Kate's car for the year

It's me getting into painting mode for our kiosk office for the flight school at Virginia Airport

My son Mark was pretty excited when his Drifter skateboard arrived - MC is going to be promoting the board in Stellenbosch on campus.

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