Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Night rating and PPL Certificate

Thanks to The Wings Club for the presentation of my PPL and Night Rating Certificate awarded last week at their periodic Achievements Award Evening. I got my PPL licence last April and my Night rating earlier this year. 


  1. Well done, laddie! May your reaching to skies continue, and you have many hours of glorious soaring with the eagles....and night trips to Margate!

    Had many a "wee-tipple" in that pub....starting way back as 1983 when I did my PPL there. (A lot of changed since then, in terms of buildings and decor!!)

    Prior to that, I would spend almost every weekend at the "Wings Club" whilst my late dad did his PPL and twin convex (in the mid-60s)!!!

  2. Thanks for following. Yeah the night flying is awesome and love the trips up and down the coast. Thanks Baden.