Friday, September 21, 2012

Med cruise - day 1 and 2: Durban to Barcelona via Dubai

Homes in the sands over Dubai

Egypt (left), Israel and Jordan (top) and Saudi Arabia (right) as we fly over the Gulf of Aqaba

Suez canal as we fly over the Gulf of Suez

Our eastern Mediterranean cruise for the KFML SpecSaver's Conference took us on Emirates from Durban to Barcelona via Dubai. We had been to the middle east last year, so the flight over the region was impressive. We flew right over the Gulf of Aqaba at the top of the Red Sea, where you can see Egypt on the left, Saudia Arabia on the right and Israel and Jordan squeezed in at the top. We then flew over the Sinai Peninsular crossing from the Gulf of Aqaba to the Gulf of Suez and we could see the Suez Canal, as well as Cairo and the Nile and the fertile area around it, before hitting the Med coastline. Equally impressive was seeing the toecap of the boot of Italy from the air as we crossed over to Sardinia and on to Barcelona, where we could see our ship, the Liberty of the Seas docked in the port. As we have been to Barcelona before and were pretty tired from our trip, we made it to the beach to catch some sunshine and work on a tan for the cruise.

Sardinia on the left meets the toe of Italy on the right

Big screen TVs on the Emirates Boeing 777

Arriving over Barcelona to meet our ship Liberty of the Seas

Beachfront of Barcelona

Barcelona Cathedral

We are starved of variety when you consider the Barcelona markets packed with everything delicious to eat

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