Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Civitavechio and Rome - day 7

We docked at Civitavechio, the port of Rome and caught a train to Rome for a day. Euro 12 day pass for busses and trains and made our first stop St Peter's, at about 8.30 in the am. We saw the crowds gathering and assumed the Pope would be making an appearance so decided to wait for a bit and see if we could catch a glimpse of him. At 10.30 the piazza was full and after arriving in a helicopter the Pope transferred to his "popemobile" and drove right past us through a roadway carved through the crowds.

Our first glimpse of St Peter's was framed by the price of petrol at R20 a litre. Ours in presently R10,60 a litre which we thought was pricey enough!

I saw the Pope first

Trevi Fountains - one of my favourite places in Rome

And my all-time favourite is the Monument to the Fallen Soldier, which we just happened upon turning a corner

Just incredible history

What a place to have an art class... just doing a quick sketch of the Colosseum

Stuatues fire guns.. for a small donation of course

We wuz here... lol

The Forum Romani alongside the Colosseum

Train and bus rides around Rome and from Civitavechio station.
After taking in the sights and sounds of Rome, our friend Eman picked us up outside the Colosseum, we enjoyed an espresso with him and catching up on the 6 years since we last saw him as he drove us back to the port in time for our ships' departure for Naples.

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