Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Emirates update

You will recall that I lodged a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority regarding an advertisement of Emirates that promised an upgrade to Business class if I bought tickets by the 30th November. And then having purchased the tickets I got no upgrade!!! About 30 emails later and after we had already returned from our trip - the 4 of us went to Athens on Emirates - I have had some joy. I had in the meantime bought tickets for my ex-wife to go to Dublin return, and for my son to go to Seattle return. Emirates promised an ugrade to Business on one of the legs for Lynn as well as one of the legs for my son.

Ok, it's great to get this commitment from Emirates, and Lynn thoroughly enjoyed her upgrade. Mark is still to fly to Emirates in June. I got his ticket confirmation recently and it still says economy, but this time I am hoping Emirates will keep to their word.

Complaint Ruling - Guilty

With regard to the complaint I had lodged with the Advertising Standards Authority, they have made a ruling and found Emirates guilty of contravening clause 4.2.1 of Section 11 of the Code and Emirates have been banned from using that advert again. Mine was not the only complaint received and the Authority upheld each of the complaints and said that Emirates "is starting to exhibit a pattern of contravening the provisions of the Code ... it is hoped that this pattern of behaviour will subside, as it may well result in sanctions being imposed" on Emirates.

So it is good to complain when you do not receive what you have been promised and I am still amazed at how such a large company can do this to the public (so far without sanction).

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