Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mossel Bay visit

We ended up meeting with Marc and Lee's friend Tracey and her daughter Justine 3 times on our journey - first when they drove from Mossel Bay to join us for a meal and drinks in Knysna where we waited out the rainy weather, then refuelling the next day in Mossel Bay, and again on our return trip when Tracey kindly accommodated us at her house in Mossel Bay.. baking for us, braaing and much drinks and laughter later. Thanks for the toing and froing to the petrol station and spending some good times together!!

Our meet and greet at Mossel Bay with Tracey

We beat the weather to get to Mossel Bay flying into a 360 deg rainbow

Mossel Bay lighthouse

Our onboard GPS shows Mossel Bay - en route from Knysna via George CTR airspace

Mossel Bay

Justine had to sit with the petrol as we were 6-up in the car

I saw the moon first at Tracey's house

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