Friday, March 12, 2010

Brazil vs Portugal 25 June

We've got tickets to the Brazil vs Portugal game in Durban.

This means I need to brush up a little on my history, not that I don't know the Portuguese origins in Southern Africa.

The early Portuguese explorers, Bartholomew Diaz, followed by Vasco da Gama were looking for an alternative route to bypass the Turkish blockade of the Silk route that linked Europe and China and passage by sea around Southern Africa was the key.

It was Vasco da Gama who succeeded in going all the way around the South African coastline making Portugal the first European nation to reach the Far East by sea in the late 15th Century.

With this illustrious background, we will be proud to host the Portugal Football team in Durban for their epic clash with Brazil and we are delighted that we managed to get these tickets.

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