Friday, March 12, 2010

100 day Countdown

It's less than 100 days to the FIFA World Cup Football in South Africa and the countdown has begun.

Here's guesthouse co-owner Dave in the Guesthouse Pub with a replica of the official World Cup Match ball named "Jabulani". This means "Celebration" in Zulu. Following a technologically advancing path over the years, "Jabulani" is the greatest of all World Cup match balls and is set to cut a striking appearance at South Africa 2010.

When the ball was introduced on the day of the 2010 World Cup draw in Cape Town, some of the World's best players gave "Jabulani" the stamp of approval. Germany captain Michael Ballack said, "Fantastic, the ball does exactly what I want it to."

The construction of the ball includes eight thermally bonded 3-D panels, which are spherically moulded. Tests have shown that the ball provides exceptional accuracy and very stable flight. It will, however, be fractionally faster at altitude than here at sea level in Durban.

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