Thursday, September 3, 2015

Munich stop-over

We flew SAA using our Voyager Airmiles which means we had to choose Frankfurt or Munich for our leg from Johannesburg to Europe and managed to include the next leg to Sofia, Bulgaria, via Munich, as part of the ticket. For the return journey we managed to include Athens to Frankfurt then Johannesburg and back to Durban all included as well.

This meant we could explore Bulgaria as part of the first leg of our month holiday in Europe and also spend some time on Mykonos Island and Athens at the end of the month.

We have been to Munich before, last time in the freezing cold, so it was great to be here at the end of summer in glorious weather, retracing our steps in the summer sunshine.

The Glockenspiel in the centre of Munich

In search of coffee and free wi-fi - I wasn't going to make the mistake of turning my phone on data-roaming again. Fortunately free wi-fi is almost everywhere in Europe now.

It was a few days away from the famous Munich Sept/Oct Beerfest so we made it to HofBrauhaus for a litre beer before the thousands were due to decent on the city for the festival

R140 for a litre beer or R70 for a draft half

Buildings of Munich

Traditional Roast pork, cabbage and dumpling

Our first night was free as we staying with a Couchsurfer - amazing organisation I belong to where you get free accommodation with others and in turn host tourists free when you're at home. Christian was a superb host and took us to the right places for a traditional food

We had been on quite a strict diet but this traditional apple pudding like our bread-and-butter pudding was to die for and huge!

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