Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Routing to Montenegro

We were meeting up with our mates in Croatia in two days and needed to get to Dubrovnik to rendezvous with them, so we hunted the net for the best air deal from Bulgaria which was Air Serbia, flying from Sofia, Bulgaria, to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro via Belgrade, Serbia.

The cheapest route from Bulgaria to Montenegro was north through Serbia, stopping only at the airport. We stayed in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, for a night, then caught a bus to the coast where we stayed in Budva (the best stop-over of our trip). We then caught another bus which jouneyed through Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia to get to Dubrovnik where we met up with our mates for our yacht cruise. They had hired a 10-seater van and we drove together up to near Split, Croatia, spending a night en route at Makarska in Croatia. Our yacht cruise was around the islands in the oval I have drawn on the map.

I love turbo-prop planes and this was a 60-seater with comfortable service from Air Serbia

Arriving at Belgrade Airport, Serbia

Our connecting flight to Podgorica, Montenegro
Snow on the mountain tops of Serbia as we head south-west again to warmer summer

Catching the sunset and jet streams

We landed at night in Podgorica and were to catch the bus the next morning out of our Hotel positioned right next to the terminus, so we managed a walk to eat suppoer which was outstanding and caught a glimpse of this tower and that was about our experience of Podgorica - they used the Euro here, so we had a change of currency.

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