Sunday, January 11, 2015

Time with Mark and Lisa

After Christmas my son Mark and Lisa arrived from their journey from the Cape via East London for a few days and it was great catching up. We managed to get away to the Berg for a few days with mates Dain and Kirsty and the 5 of us had a jol.

These are my boys.. Mark and Dain

Yours truly, Kirsty, Dain, Mark and Lisa

We just rescued Dain after he got lost

A road trip to the Berg with the happy couples

Roadside savages eating Champion Chicken in Winterton

On the hike to the Cascades

Roasting temperatures, time for a swim

The cool waters of the Mahai River, Amphitheatre, northern Berg

The girls having some fun in the swirling waters

Beautiful pic of Mark and Lisa

The water was a bit chilly but fresh

The Amphitheatre backdrop of the northern Berg

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