Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mark and Lisa engaged 8 Jan 2015

Been waiting 2 days to release the pics of Mark and Lisa's engagement, so that the stunning pics taken by Jono and Grace could be processed and uploaded once they all got back to Cape Town. 

The scene was set for a proposal on the romantic swing bridge over the Storms River mouth where you can hear the pebbles on the other side as the waves gently wash and roll them up and down the secret cove. They stopped for 2 nights there on the roadtrip back from Durban to Cape Town. We had shopped in Busan, South Korea, with my daughter Kate for the proposal dress which Mark left with a note on the bed for Lisa to wear as a surprise that evening. Their mates Jono and Grace had in the meantime travelled to Storms River, unbeknown to Lisa, to jump out of the bushes at the appropriate time to catch the proposal on film. Mark had also been plotting and planning weeks earlier to get a ring made in Cape Town to his design, and which had to be secretly brought with on their travels to be revealed only at this moment.

Congratulations guys, this is a special moment for a dad which I will treasure.. the first of our 5 kids to follow the marriage path!! I see dark-haired blue eyed grandchildren and maybe a blonde bombshell. Everything of the best for the path and your lives together ahead.

Mark and Lisa on the proposal swing bridge at the Storms River mouth, Tsitsikamma area of the Eastern Cape

The happy engaged couple

The moment of truth as Mark proposes

The stunning diamond engagement ring

It was YES! Lisa, you're supposed to take him by the scruff of the neck, not the collars ha ha

A photo of Lisa and Mark up Jonkershoek overlooking Stellenbosch where they have studied for the past few years

Another 2014 cameo pic of Lisa and Mark

In the pool at my house in 2014

Mark and Lisa near Pietermaritzburg

In the cool waters of the Mahai River, Amphitheatre, northern Berg last week

Celebrating their first anniversary together at Mozambik restaurant Durban, 27 Dec 2014

In the pub at my home

Dad with the happy kids

Mark's mom Lynn with Lisa and Mark

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