Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beautiful Durban View

Although I keep a separate blog and record of my time as a pilot, this family and activities blog Durban View would not be complete without some of the magnificent photos I have been able to take of the view of Durban from the sky. Here are a few I took this weekend. You can see more on my aviation blog Do Eagles Dare.

My City Council Ward Fynnland (1988 - 1996) took in this portion of the Bluff from the harbour to Beacon Road and included Kingsrest and Marlborough Park to the left of the Bluff before the harbour in this photo

The military base still occupies the end of the Bluff 

I did a night flight on Friday and the sparkling lights of Durban were incredible. The huge bank of light to the left upper side of the photo is the night horseracing event at Greyville Racecourse, and the upper middle the lights of Kings Park Rugby Stadium where the Sharks were beating the Lions (26-23)

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