Saturday, September 27, 2014

Busan weekend 6 Sept

With the autumn festival in Korea, most shops were closed for a few days, except the markets and tourist attractions so we went on a train and bus mission visiting the whole day and into evening meeting up in the park for frisbee with the mates. Kate also carted a bottle of red wine with us all day to enjoy in the park, sans a corkscrew, so we put all our tricks to good use opening the bottle by hitting the base on the tree until the cork is pressured to pop out. It could have ended in a disaster as the bottle smashed in Mark's hands and he got a few little cuts. The wine alas nurtured the tree instead and we went thirsty. Liquor is mighty expensive here and a bottled beer out cost 80 000 won or R80. A local draft beer was not too bad around R40 for 500ml. Cocktails were R80 - R120. So upwards of double/3 times our prices.

Strange things for sale to cook or eat

These were fabulous.. like mini-doughnuts, but filled with custard and shaped like fish

We took many bus and train rides whereever we went. Most places were 5 - 9 stops away or a 20 - 45 min train ride. Tickets were R13 a ride or you could buy a day pass which worked out a little cheaper

These selfie sticks were all the rage with Koreans who have shorter arms, but I got one too for larger crowd scenes at home

We took the tram/tractor to see the cliffs and the lighthouse in the national park

We walked our "gat" off each day - hundreds of steps everywhere and carrying bags with our days needs.. suntan lotion, wine, fresh shirt, snacks, water. The temperatures were perfect as it was the start of autumn, so the heat of summer was over, but was still quite warm.

The kids love horsying around

This was for Lisa

Another heart pose for Lisa

I love this family photo

The last time she was here, Kate climbed down to stand on this rock wedged between the cliffs

Saving the Rhino in Korea

The street markets were abuzz and we were hungry

A leek pancake with soy sauce

These were like sticky glutinous rice noodles with spicy sauce

Also dumplins and fish or calamari type pieces

I definitely wasn't trying these fried beach beetles

Sausage/hot dog stick

Fritters with sesame seeds, chocolate and syrup

The fish market.. must have been a kilometre of outdoors and indoor shops stuffed with live sea creatures

Dried fish in sheets or slabs like peanut brittle

Beautiful light changing fountain in the park.. Kate here with Leonie from Somerset West

The boys were hungry again

Canadian Dave joined us in the Park

Time for some frisbee in the park

The day/evening's adventure never stops. From the park we walked to a place where we could taste their frozen pudding... sort of famous like Wakaberry. It is frozen flakes/shaved frozen milk with different toppings like condensed milk, chocolate, nuts, berries or cheesecake etc and makes a delicious snack usually served in a large bowl for 2, 3 or 4 to share...

From here it was walk and train home and into bed again past 12/1am !!!

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