Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Exploring the globe

One thing I love about travelling is the ability to find out a little more about the geography of the world we live in.

Today we flew over the Horn of Africa after crossing the Gulf of Aden from Yemen to Africa.

Have a look at the island type flange of land we saw from our window, and you can see it on the map of the Horn of Africa as the protruding piece on the east coast of Somalia.
This is the Horn of Africa - Somalia with it's east coast on the Indian Ocean and it's northern shores being the Gulf of Aden

The east coast of Somalia after flying over the Horn of Africa
Last week we were in Las Vegas and Lake Havasu where I did my seaplane rating and earned my USA Pilot's Licence SEL -single engine seaplane.

The week before that we flew to LA from Durban via Dubai and the North Pole.

Instead of flying East to West from Dubai to Los Angeles the plane flew straight up North over the North Pole, then dropped South again as the earth turned and we landed in LA.

Our view of the North Pole.. is Father Christmas hiding here somewhere?

Bird's eye view of the North Pole.. quite a big bird actually. We were lucky to fly in the Airbus A380, a first time experience and a great way to view the North Pole.

You can see more pics of our trip to Los Angeles, Lake Havasu and back via Dubai on Emirates Airline on my Facebook photo page here.

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