Sunday, April 13, 2014

Microlight Flight with Durban Skyye Flight School

I launched our Durban Skyye Flight School this weekend having received our Civil Aviation Aviation Training Organisation approval certificate on Friday (CAA ATO 0253). Llewellyn and I were among the first to go up into the Durban Skyye in our microlight Aquilla trike ZU-CCL with the rushing wind in our faces and breathtaking close-up views of the beachfront as our Chief Flying Instructor Brad expertly guided the aircraft returning to Virginia Airport, our home base. Join our Facebook Group.

Llewellyn (rear) and Pilot-in-Command Brad, our Chief Flying Instructor 

Durban Skyye appears prominently on our microlight wings

A spectacular view of Durban Stadium from the plane

The Umhlanga Lighthouse from ZU-CCL

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