Friday, August 24, 2012

54 Today

I decided that as you get older it is more difficult to remember all of the things that went before so I'm going to try and make each birthday memorable. Taking loads of phtotographs also helps and the advent of the digital camera has changed everything. I have precious few photos of my childhood and youth, largely because cameras and photography were not that popular, or maybe only in my family, and I was the only one I remember who ever bought a camera. Processing of films was expensive and I also recall coming back from holiday to find my spools had got overexposed and heat-damaged in the car and the photos ruined. You also never knew whether a photo would come out ok, until you completed the spool and took it in for processing at the local chemist.
Remembering this birthday, turning 54, was made a little easier in that my flying school, Ayre Aviation held it's first Awards Ceremony for students and I received my PPL Certificate and wings.
My amazing daughter and Llewellyn always help to make my birthdays special and I am enjoying a margarita mixed in my new cocktail shaker and having a laugh at the awesome cards Kate-Lynn always puts together for me. Lynn also baked me a birthday cake and I enjoyed slices at both the Bluff and Toti offices. After the evening awards ceremony we all had a braai at the Virginia Flight School's poolside. A great evening and a great birthday... thanks everyone for making it special and memorable.

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