Thursday, March 29, 2012

No end in sight

There is still no end in sight with the dispute with Mc Carthy Volvo regarding the repairs to my car. here's what I said on Hello Peter complaints....

I have lost faith in the Volvo brand, which I had thought was "for life". It seems that after 3 years there is a vastly reduced re-sale value and after 5 years the car is ready to be thrown away. At least this is my experience. With a cracked cylinder head after 150 000 kms it seems that not much can be done. Mc Carthy Volvo, the dealers in South Africa, are ready to put a new engine in at an estimated cost of R70000,00, alternatively offer R35 000,00 on a trade-in. Failing that you have to remove it from Volvo if you want an outside repair job, after which Volvo wash their hands of the car as it has been touched by a non-Volvo repair shop. So is "for life" only 5 years in fact! The car does 0 - 100kms in so many seconds, but from R300000,00 to zero in only 5 years!

On top of this the Pinetown dealership closed and they are offering that I can come and pick the car up in pieces in the closed workshop.. Could not even see all of the engine parts there when I went to have a look. Shame on you guys!    

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  1. i had the exact same problem with my volvo station wagon. cracked cylinder head or more like "hair line crack". firstly no idea how that happened with regular services and my car never heating up or being out of water.