Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life ends for Volvo

I thought Volvo was for life... isn' that what the adverts say? Apparently NOT.

My Volvo is only 6 years old. I would maybe just be starting my first school year at that age, not ending my life? But the end is nigh for my Volvo.

It started with a warning light that the car was overheating. After spending R8000,00 changing the water pipes and water reservoir (can you believe that Volvo sell the plastic water bottle for R600?!!!)... the repair guy said that he actually thought it needed a head gasket change as well and quoted me R13000,00.

So we towed it to McCarthy Volvo Pinetown for a second opinion. Volvo kept the vehicle for a few days and ran their full diagnostics test using the latest equipment Volvo has to offer. Nope, they said, the previous service guys must have been ripping us off. There is nothing further wrong with the car and gave it a clean bill of health. The service manager was even so kind as to drive it home for my ex-wife.

Alas, the car broke down on the highway home.. no problem said the service manager Dominic, just let it cool for a bit and I can drive it back again to Volvo Pinetown for more tests. Well the car got cooked by the time it arrived back at Volvo Pinetown and now Dominic says it needs a R70 000,00 new engine as the old one is so cooked the head cylinder is distorted and cracked. And Volvo wants me to pay for this!!!

My R70 000 repair?
They say it had a pre-existing problem and it's not their fault... pre-existing like they gave it a CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH PASSING ALL TESTS AND NOW IT HAS A THROW-AWAY COOKED ENGINE!!! This is bulshit!!

What happened to Volvo for Life? I even offered to buy a new car from them if they could share some of the repair costs and build it in to the sale of a new vehicle. But all they did was put a new car salesman on to me and offer me R35 000,00 for the trade-in on my "old" car (which has a book value of R140 000,00). Is this how Mc Carthy Volvo like to do business?

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