Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kate flies from S.Korea to Vietnam to home

My daughter Kate-Lynn spent her final week in South Korea this week ad starts her homeward trek via Vietnam. She flew out today with Chris on an exciting tour of Vietnam, taking in Hanoi, an overnight train and hiking in the north-west of Vietnam, a two day cruise on a rustic boat around Lab Ha Bay with rock-climbing and kayaking down to Danang, a flight to Ho Chi Minh city for a 2-day cooking course and a 2-day scooter tour... then home.

So excited to see you again.. it's been 1 year 8 months in Korea and a year since we visited there last October.

The incredible islands around the Ha Long Bay area in Vietnam

Kate's last few days in S.Korea involved packing up, saying goodbye to friends, spending a few days with Chris as his Airforce base south of Seoul and then jetting off today to Vietnam

Kate will be travelling from Hanoi in the north of Vietnam, to the west, then back to the east and down south to Ho Chi Minh City which used to be called Saigon during the war

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