Monday, August 3, 2015

Madagascar Expedition in our plane

For 9 days we flew the ocean and toured Madagascar.. 35 hours of flying including 12 over the sea in our 2-seater single engine Sling Aircraft as part of a tour of 6 planes last week. The Mozambique Channel crossing was 890 kms there and the same back. We did a total of 6 flights over the sea including to the island Ile Sainte Marie and the 220km crossing of the Bay of Maputo each way.

Read the full story and pics on my aviation blog at this link.

The route we followed up Mozambique then crossing the Channel to Madagascar

Lemurs in Madagascar

The island off Madagascar - Ile Sainte Marie

Europa Island in the middle of the Mozambique Channel we flew over

Llew and I kitted out with life jackets and vests, life raft and marine safety equipment in the event of ditching in the sea

Just sea, sky and a haze for the 890 km Mozambique Channel crossing
Selfie with a giant Baobab tree at Morondava, Madagascar

The majestic Baobab trees in the Avenue of Baobabs, Morondava

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