Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas on its way

For the first time in many years, both my kids will be out of the nest this Christmas. Kate is in Korea where the temperatures have plumeted below zero and it has been snowing. The Christmas spirit seems very much alive though and her bunch of mates have been looking after her with her birthday on the 8th and Christmas in a foreign country coming. 

And in East London for Christmas is my son Mark, with Lisa's family, having driven there along the Garden Route from Stellenbosch where Mark has just finished his first year Engineering Masters degree.

Christmas tree in Busan with Leoni, Chelsea, Kate, Erin, Chido

Eskimo Kate looking gorgeous

They even have Christmas giraffes

Street lights in Nampo, Busan

Birthday brunch for Kate's 26th birthday earlier this month in Busan, South Korea
Mark and Lisa with mates en route to East London
Mark and Lisa exploring the Mossel Bay Lighthouse

Lisa enjoying the view from the Lighthouse

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