Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Everything's changing

For my daughter Kate in South Korea autumn becomes winter and the leaves on the trees are as glorious as the cherry blossoms were in spring. Just a pity the cold and snow is on it's way while we bask in our summer sun in Durban.

For my son Mark, and Lisa, they are both leaving Stellenbosch this week after 5 years in the university town. Here they went on a memory hike up the mountain overlooking the town. Mark becomes housemaster at Sacs School next year while he finishes his final year Masters in Engineering.

Mark and Lisa on top of the koppie overlooking Stellenbosch

And for me, the change is marriage. Llewellyn and I are off to New Zealand this afternoon to get married in the Bay of Islands, North Island on our 10th anniversary next week, 

Dave and Llewellyn with their plane
New Zealand is one of the countries where same-sex marriage is legal and the marriage will be registered as a foreign marriage but in terms of our own Civil Union Act, where same sex marriage has been recognised since 2006. So we're getting away from the madding crowd and will be married on the beach and enjoying a honeymoon at the same time.

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