Friday, May 31, 2013

Cooking classes - learning some new tricks

Wow, this is incredible. We found a small Cooking School, Cooking Cooks, run by Debra Coleman and last night I went to my first class, making and eating over the 3 hours a fantastic French Onion soup, Beef Wellington with potato bake and steamed brocoli/beans dish with yummy bacon and chicken liver pate' duxelle. We finished off with a so-rich Chocolate Fondant to die for. I was joined by two ladies, Anne-Marie and Helena and together we cooked up a storm. The classes are very hands-on with each of us doing parts of the cooking under the expert guidance of Debra and we turned out some mighty fine dishes that would do any gourmet restaurant proud. There are a few more pics on my Facebook page here.

Dave rolls the pastry to wrap the fillet in

The girls ready to learn some new tricks

Showing us a better way to chop an onion

Basting the fillet of beef with mustard

We drizzled a reduced Madera wine, onion and cream sauce over the Beef Wellington and tossed a bacon and mushroom paste into the green veggies, before gobbling it all down.

Chocolate Fondant to die for

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