Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year holiday and flights

I said I wanted to get away from home for New Year for a change and we had an awesome few days with friends in Margate and were able to fetch our planes and do some flying down the Wild Coast on the last day. So many drinks and Margaritas and some yummy meals out.
We found the skankiest pub amongst the many we visited

I had to jump in the foam during our New Years pub-crawl

Leopard Road, Oribi Gorge where we drove for breakfast

Margate Airport

Port St John's in the eastern Cape, Wild Coast. Incredible mountain-top runway

New Year's day lunch 1 Jan 2013 at La Mer where we stayed for a few days in Margate. In the photo from l to r are Marc, myself (Dave), Llewellyn, Jacqui and Lee.

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