Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12h12 on 12.12.12

I know it's pretty corny but we paused at work at 12h12 to consider the time and date. We missed the 12secs past 12h12 though. It only happens again in 2112 and I won't be around then.

I remember sitting in University in 1978 and waiting for my digital watch then to show me 12:34 4:5:78 - that was also pretty unique.. must have been 2nd year BA degree! Now we waited for the moment on my cellphone and computer clock.. and there was some argument as to whether Vodacom or MTN had the correct time. At New Year last there was a 5 minute time difference between the two... you could see which half of Durban was on MTN and which was Vodacom. I thought we were all on the atomic clock now so how come the difference?

Anyways, back in 1978 we didn't have computers either in South Africa or cellphones, and had only just got TV!

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