Monday, October 29, 2012

Action-packed weekend

A courtyard scene, similar to the Al Shabandar Palace Hotel we stayed at in Damascus Syria just before the violence escalated.

We had an action-packed weekend finally putting up our Damascus wallhanging in our middle east corner of the house, and celebrating the arrival of 3 Sling aircraft in Durban. On Friday we partied at Ayre Aviation whose new training plane arrived, our Sling ZDL also being delivered by Mike Blyth of The Airplane Factory, and our friends Marc and Lee whose Sling SAA flew back to Durban the same day too.

Fellow lecturers Tarryn and my daughter Kate-Lynn with Llewellyn at the Ayre Aviation celebration

Around-the-world celebrity and owner of The Airplane Factory delivers Sling ZDL to Dave

Getting back into the pilot seat after a 2 1/2 month gap

Llewellyn has the camera on zoom as we take to the skies

Friends celebrating the arrival of our two planes with instructor Brad

The new rainbow colours of ZDL
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