Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dave does Battle

The Battlefields aircraft fly-in where we stayed Sat night

I flew this RV12

Kate-Lynn points out the Anglo-Zulu and Anglo-Boer battlesites

The Voortrekker monument at the Blood River battlesite

Dave and Kate-Lynn on the wagon

Kate-Lynn, Llewellyn and the kids with the Russian YAK aircraft

Our beautiful KZN countryside around Dundee
Kate-Lynn poses at the Battle of Blood River site
The Battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal bring tourists from afar and we were tourists in our Province on Saturday when we took a drive up to the Battlefields area and stayed the night in Dundee.

Arriving at 8.30am after a 4-hour drive, we were just in time to see the start of droves of little aeroplanes flying in for the annual Fly-in at Battlefields Country Lodge. I took to the skies in an RV12 and we checked out the various planes with a view to possibly buying one and going for flying lessons.

In the afternoon we drove to the site of the Anglo-Boer Battle of Blood River which commemorates the victory of the Voortrekkers on Dec 16th 1838. We went on to Isandlwana, the scene of a Anglo-Zulu battle later that century and circled back to Dundee after a drive over dusty roads through beautiful countryside for our overnight stay.

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