Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life after 2010

So what happens after 2010?
- the World Cup Football is over in South Africa, but this is just the beginning of a whole new era of international exposure and tourism for our country... everyone had a fantastic time and will be coming back for more.

I started this blog specifically for the World Cup but have collected such a load of awesome photos and memories I am going to turn the blog into a personal log of my life and times in Durban - from 1958 through to my election to the City Council in 1988, my term as Deputy Mayor of Durban 1994/5 and to 2010 and beyond... it will also be a great way to digitally capture some of the older pictures I have of my kids growing up and continue with their education and life in the world out there....so watch this space! This is an exciting new project for me.

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