Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cape Town

The view from the Devon Valley area towards the Stellenbosch mountains

Mark's mates enjoy a braai

Stunning Christmas tree in Cape Town Airport

A beer with my boy whose hair has become a mop.. and we're both sporting Movember moustaches. We watched the Boks beat England.

The view waiting for breakfast along the R44

End of 3rd year for Mark at Stellenbosch and I made a quick trip to Cape Town to check on my boy who has just had his wisdom teeth taken out. I met up with his mates and sorted medication for him and even managed to party till 4am with the students having their last jol before returning home for Christmas.

1000 days of Summer

Couchsurfer Thomas stayed with us 2 nights on his 1000 days of summer world tour... hitchhiking around the world skipping winter and only having fun in the sun... while being sponsored by MasterCard. What a life!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fun weekend

It was a fun weekend with the wedding of a former staff member, Debbie Weldon, then a Saturday flight with a group of 5 planes to the Oribi Gorge for breakfast. Saturday afternoon was spent pub-crawling with our fellow pilots and a braai for supper.
Sunday we just chilled and enjoyed the fantastic Durban sunshine and de-toxed!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cycling across Africa

Our Couchsurfing guest Rene from Switzerland arrived in Durban after crossing Syberia from Moscow to China on a bicycle and then making his way to Bali where he joined a yacht for a 3-month cruise to Reunion, Mauritius and Durban.
Rene's life is contained in 5 bags straddling his bicycle and he has been on the road for 427 days since leaving his home town. He leaves Durban today and is cycling to Lesotho and then Cape Town where he meets up with his sister for Christmas. After that he is aiming north to travel through Africa back to Europe. Sjoe!!!